Indonesian Forest Fire

9/29/2019 03:59:00 PM

Hi readers.. welcome and thank you for visiting and reading this post on my blog, this my first post use the English language, I hope you all understand what I mean when you read this post because I still helped by google translate, not all but mostly hahaha...

    Okay on this post I will discuss about something that now happening in my lovely country Indonesia, it's about Indonesian forest fire, this topic has been trending for more than a week on my country, maybe not just on my country but our neighbour country around us and all around the world maybe, actually this forest fire is not the first time happen in Indonesia but this one is one of greatest forest fire I ever saw and give a big impact to the people who were affected from this forest fire, the forest fire happened on Sumatera and Kalimantan at the same time, according to the news that I heard the cause of this forest fire is there are some person who cleans up the forest with burn down the forest, this way is considered by them easier and cheaper than other way, but this forest fire made worse by the weather on our country, the severe drought was hit in on Indonesia so this situation make the forest fire spread to the area around it. So vast the area who were impacted by this forest fire result the thick smoke which dangerous to all people on that island and the place near that island.
    Our Government try so hard to put out the fire, but still not enough to solve this problem and then the government try to bring the salt to the air and pour to the cloud this is one of kind to make a rain based on science, and so many people doing 'Rain Shalat" this is one of Islam way to ask rain to Allah SWT, after a few days the rain come and reduce solve the forest fire, and according to the information from Indonesian national police, they have caught some people who cause this problem they come from the people who try to open the land with burn land way, and some companies who do the same thing. hope this situation will never happen again in our lovely country.

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  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing.... Hope to read more from you.

  2. selfishness of people is disclosed. Why ur govt not take action against them.

  3. Nice article.. Check out my site too