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Tips How to Make Money and Being a Rich People

  Congratulations, if you are reading this article on my blog now, I know you found and click this article because you want to be a rich man (me too of course XD) and then you courious about how to be rich or you just click and find this article because my other article on this blog.

  Back to our topic, being a rich man maybe is a dream from almost all people in the world, maybe “Rich” can be means a lot, it can be the gift from ours God for all part of our body, but in this article we will discuss rich which was related with money, yes we will discuss how we can make money and being a rich person.

  But surely, I am not a rich man, yeaah I write this article not because I am rich now, but hopefully it can be happened in my future, because when I am rich I can give more to all my arouds. Build a place that can help people to grow their potential and make a better future for more people, hopefully.

   Now on my mind after I read many article or posting from google or social media there are so many people being rich with many ways,  but the one is true that we can not being rich or have a lot of money without have another income, its mean that if we want to be rich people and has a lot of money we should have our own bussines, yess we should have a bussines that will give us unlimited income, if we just being an employee we will receive salary, but salary has a limit and we will receive same scale every payday time.

      On this periode when the internet spread to all around the world, and every people can access the internet easily, we will find a lots of the information about how to make money from internet but maybe you can choose one of my suggestion to make another income.

      1. Open the online shop on marketplace

Today there is so many marketplace website that we can enter, yes marketplace is the best place if you don’t have any place or building for your own business, you just make a shop account on marketplace and start your own bussines,you just need little capital, you don’t have to buy and keep a lot of stock, because you can dropships your item from another shop, if you receive demand from customer you can contact the shop that have the item you needed.

2.       2. Became a content creator

   Now there are so many people choose to be a content creator, they made a quality video or quality article and post or upload on their website or youtube channel , they will get the payment if there are so many readers or many viewers on their website or channel, and another reason why so many people choose to be a content creator because the flexibility of work.

3.       3. Stock Trading

  This is one of right choice if you have a lot of money on your saving bank account, I think its better you try to learn  how to buy and sell stock, yess this is one of business which can make a lot of money just a few minutes but of course have a high risk, you will lose your money in a few minutes too. But if you invest on the right company, or the small company who has a bright future your money will be more. You can get devident from the company if you keep the stocks or you can sell if the stock price higher than the price when you brought it.  

  Maybe that is my tips about how to make money and being rich people,  but if you have another opinion you can tell or share to us on the comment coloumn, hope all the people who read this will have a lot of money soon.


Best Regards,

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