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Bring Our Football Back

Barcelona Squad 2009

Football is one of the most popular game that played in almost all country in the world, the FIFA World Cup is the greatest tournament in the world, and Today in the middle of Corona Pandemic period this game should be stop temporary for 4 months, because we know that there are so many people watch and came to stadium to support their favourit club when they played and this is really danger because there are some cases in Italy and Spain that corona virus spread in stadium. 

 And this month the one of popular football tournament UEFA Champions League continue their tournament without the audience, and it is feel like little strange because football identical with screaming, applause, and chant from the supporter because “Quiet is not football”.

 And now maybe almost all the football lovers got shocked because Barcelona one of the greatest team in decade lose to Bayern Munich 2-8 this is not normal for the big team like Barcelona maybe this is the biggest lose for Barcelona, because we know in this decade, Barcelona always dominate Europe and world club football tournament, is this the signal that the skill of Barcelona player decrease? And they should be retire from professional football because we know that majority the age of Barcelona players are above than 30 years the age where almost all football player decide to retire from professional football.

 I think we still remember in 2009-2014 periode the time Barcelona still have many greatest and legend players who play at the same time like Andreas Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Charles Puyol, Thierry Henry, Samuel Eto’o, Dani Alves, Pedro Rodriguez, Victor Valdez, Alexandre Maxwell, Yaya Toure, Keita, they dominate football and the other teams who want to play against them feel fear because we know that tiki-taka is one of the gratest strategy and make their opponent confused and stressed to stop their football possesion.

 This time, i think there is something feel different regarding football world it is not really interesting anymore, because there are too much young player and its really fast for player to appears and sinks, so it has little possibility for us to remember the player as a legend.

 Now we know there are more investor invest their money to football, usually they buy little club and they spend their lot of money to get popular or potential player to join with their "invisible" club. 

 At the past, the club search the potential player and they sign them and then coach and develop them untill they are ready to play at the first team, but now almost all the club with big financial power choose the short way to buy from the other club with high price even though that player still can not prove they are worth with that price. 

 At the past, football game full of legend player who love and loyal to their club, but now football full of young player who play just for money but still can not prove anything to their club.

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