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Improve Your Quality And Money Will Follow You

Based on the tittle on this article I think you get my point directly, Quality or let us call with personal quality, this is the important thing, this is the important thing we should have to get more money, why I can say like that? When we increase our quality or ability our value will increase, then it will pull money come to us, why? because when we known as a person who capable to do something we will get offer from another people or company to  use our ability to solve their problem or ussualy it call with professional person.

 And this is true we can see from the real example such as youtuber or blogger who try to get money as Adsense Publisher, for the people who just think to get money or profit oriented they did not think regarding quality from their content Video or aticle itself, they just think if they create a lot of contents they will get more visitor and it will increase their adsense revenue, or for the people who still trying to get monetize they upload many videos or articles but they got their video or article from copy paste or reupload from other people works, because they just think about money and then it is make they just think the short way to get money and deny about the process from making the content. And they get upset when no one visit or view or visit their blog or youtube channel.

 As the other people said that we should love what we do and it will produce the work with high quality, we should change our mindset that we don’t need to focus to the result, we should focus about the process and when in the end there is no one view or read our works its no problem because when we love to do it we just do it because we love it we didn’t do it because we want other people to appreciate it. Although we know people want appreciate from other people when they make content and it will make us disappointed. So just prepare and doing the process as good as you can and it will take time just be patient.

There are several tips to increase your personal quality and your quality of work :

1. Read a lot.
    This is the important think especially for blogger, when you read a lot your knowledge will increase and it will give you many ideas to write, so you have many topics for your blog or you can explain detail about something, more and more detail it will be better and will make your content have high quality.

2. View other people work.
       You need to view and learn from other people to learn how to make a good content and why they content got high traffic, and you can apply to the process of your work.

3. Exercise
   Practice makes perfect. You should try and train again and again, more and more you train your ability will increase and your work will be better.

That are the tips that you can try and apply to increase your ability and increase your quality of work. And then the money will follow and come to you.

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