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Joe Biden and His Policy

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

 As we know that finally Joe Biden has elected as the new President of the United States, after a competitive campaign between Joe Biden and the incumbent president Mr. Donald Trump. Biden win after get more electoral votes than his rival. In fact the victory of Joe Biden was predicted by many people because Trump in his periode make a lot of controversies policy, and there were a lot of incident in the end of his period, especially incident at the Capitol Hill that made one of the demonstrator killed by the police, that made trump periode became one of the worst period. sad ending i thought.

 As my previous article Biden will win the competition because majority of american people were not statisfied with his leadership, although the american economy situation was getting better. i think one of the reason why Biden win because Barack Obama figure, the people of america compare the politic situation between two leaders, for politic situation we must agree that Obama do better for that than Trump, it's look like Trump more emotional and it make the politic situation not stable.

 It's really interesting to see how biden will lead america, the first challenge for him is the pandemic situation, and the pandemic situation give the domino effect to economic situation. on the first day he started job as the president, biden sign executive order to cancel and change the Trump policy.

  However US as the super power country will give influence to other country and global economic. Moreover China which was predicted as the new super power country always try to face US and try to steal global domination predicate, it will be the home work of joe biden how he will act and react to China.   

 Biden has a lot of experiences to lead america, its different with Trump who has Enterpreneur and Business background, i think Biden knows how he should act and what the policy he should made to make america still be the empowered country. Biden should use his opportunity to prove that america was not wrong to choose him as the leader, because if he fail to prove it will be the opportunity for Trump to take over  the position because Trump can register again to president election on the next period, and it will be a heavy job to prove to trump supporter that he is better than trump.

  But whatever will be, biden has a lot things to do to make america great again like trump's slogan, like what i said before, being US President same with being the world leader because whatever he will decide it will influence to the world. I hope that biden can make a stable situation in economic and also politics. the world hope to america and biden, can continue the good policy not just for american people but also for other people and other country.
  At the end we the people all arround the world should unite to solve the pandemic situation, because all the people have the same problem and enemy, that is corona virus.

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