The True Love?

Hello, all my blogger's reader thank you for visiting my blog, this time I wanna share my opinion about something that you also know for sure and maybe some of you are feeling this thing right now, that is love, the thing which can make someone be better or worse than before, its depend on the situation. 

 The first time I fell in love when I was 15 years old this is the strange thing for me when I felt this thing, this thing makes you wanna have someone that you like, but not just that you wanna protect and give everything to make her feel happy, almost a day you will remember her and wanna meet with her and don't wanna separate with her, you will smile when you meet or remember her. and you will miss her too. it's a great feeling if your love is accepted by her, but otherwise, if she doesn't love you too it will be hurt for sure. and it will be worse when she doesn't love you and she choose other people to accompany her and accepted all her attention and love, it's really worse, hope we never feel this situation haha.

  Falling in love its something that comes suddenly, you can fall in love with someone that you have known for a long time or someone you just already know, you can love to her physical appearance or to her attitude or to her attention. but you can't force her to love you, let the love flowing. Once or some times maybe you meet with someone, and you think that she will be a good girlfriend or wife for you, and you try to catch her attention. but sometimes some people are not brave to show his feeling or start to approach someone that he loves. but if you still like that, how she will know that you love her and how you will know her answers. and remember when you finally choose by her to be her boyfriend or husband don't disappoint her remember about the first time you love her and how you try and give your one hundred percent effort to make her believe that you will be a good choice for her.

the sign that she loves you is when she started to care about you, want to know about your daily activities, want to know more about you, provide her time just to walk with you, worry when you don't give her news for a day, jealous when the other girls too close with you, or jealous when you try to stalk other girls, and she cries for you.

falling in love sometimes makes people being stupid, he prioritizes her than the other important things, he always tries and find a wat to make someone he loves to feel happy. he doesn't want to hurt his love, he always tries to be polite to all her strange behavior although her behavior hurt him. never try to leave her and always try to present on her bad or good situation. always say a good thing about her although his friend says her girlfriend doing a bad thing to him.

The best thing in this world is when you have married someone that you love and you can make her happy. but before you decide to marry her just make sure that she is the best choice and you can accept all her lacks because there is not a perfect girl or partner. it just your task to make your love life being the best version of both of you.

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