How to Get Adsense Approval Less Than a Week

Last Tuesday June 30th, 2020 is one of the best day in my life because my blog was approved by google adsense to be one of adsense publisher, after I always got rejected for 10 months, I tried so many ways every time I got rejection email which was sent by Adsense. After I got rejection email, usually I change or I revise my blog or add new article, but unfortunately the rejection mail always send to me every time I propose Adsense Publisher.

Actually, I have been approved by Adsense Publisher on 2016, at that time I know Adsense from internet after I was searching about how to make money by online and in one of the site, they told that we can get the money from our blog, and then I try to propose Adsense Publisher,  for the first I didn’t write new article I just copy my article from my Facebook Fanspage, on the 4th trial I got approval from adsense after I found an article who told that we can register to adsense by using Youtube Channel, because at that time Youtube and Blog was still Connected, so if we already got an approval on one of them, we can apply adsense to other platform, and at that time was still easy to got approval adsense using youtube we just need to change the youtube setting with American setting. But my big mistake that I did not update my blog and then on January, 2017 I got notification to my email that my adsense already deactivated.

Disapproved email notification

  And I don’t know how much I got the money from my adsense because after i got an approval I didn’t update my blog again. And when I checked again last week that I just got $0.064 on my adsense account from my blog.

Revenue History on Indonesian Currency

On June 2019, I try to make blog again because adsense was trending especially on youtube channel there are so many people suddenly make youtube channel and be a content creator because they are influenced by how much money that received by successful youtuber, but I choose blog because I like to write and my old blog with adsense account already deactivated by google. 

And on this article I will share my experience regarding Adsense Approval and what are the things we should prepare before we propose to be an Adsense Publisher,  here is the things that you have to prepare to pass the adsense assesment :

1.    We should prepare the original article with more than 600 words in every article and that article should be write by our self because google can detect if the article was copied from other website. You just need minimum 8 articles on your blog to register to adsense publisher.

2.    We should choose the website template with fast loading page speed, because its affect to the visitor convenience. And we should choose the template with easy navigation so the visitor will not be confused when read our blog. And then its better if there is not too much widgets on our website who can reduce the page speed. And then don’t forget to put sitemap, disclaimer and privacy policy on your blog’s menu.

3.    Make sure that your blog already have visitor, when I was register to adsense my visitor around 50 visitors per day. You can share your blog link to your social media to get visitor but you should do it constantly.

4.    If you wanna register your blog to adsense quickly you should use your own domain, because if you don’t use your own domain you should wait the adsense menu is open on your blog, and on my experience its need long time before the adsense menu is open because adsense will wait until your blog qualify to register, and its around one year or more wait the adsense menu is open on your blog. Make sure that you have no active adsense account before, because adsense will not allowed that someone has more than one adsense account. because this thing i should take a long period to pass first step registration. because evidently i already have adsense account on my old email, google will check on your personal identity that you entry and will make sure that you dont have adsense account before. and i waste my 9 months before i remember my account because i never use my old email again at that time.

5.  When you register to adsense they will ask you to put adsense code to your blog template, you can edit at edit HTML menu on your blog.

6.    As long as you register to adsense you should keep update your blog, because adsense is still assess eligibility of your blog.

At the first time you will register for adsense account and if you pass this first assessment you will go to the last steps, and the last step is very important, adsense will ask you to add the website or blog you want to monetize, and this last step will decide that you can be adsense publisher or not, as I said before you should keep update as long as this process. And then usually it will take three days untill we get the email notification but sometimes it can be more or less than three days.
Yups that’s all my experience about adsense registration, you can put your question on comment column if you have any problem or question regarding this process.

hope you will get adsense approval, soon as possible :D

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nice and informative
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Thank u bro dont forget to visit again
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update dengan artikel organik dengan 600 kata lebih itu penting
sama navigasi blog
aku dulu pernah ditolak gara gara navigasi blog
makasih infonya mas
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Mas kaynyq lebih berpengalaman nihz salam kenal mas terinakasih sudah berkunjung 😁